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They were having lunch right before the mother gets on the next bus to Singapore to work as a confinement lady. The mother was telling her son about her past employer trying to employ her again in UK, and how she has taken care of the family's firstborn. They're so satisfied with her and now they're arranging to get her to take care of the family's second newborn. She was happy because she adores the child and the family was kind to her.

Before the mother stepped onto the bus, she left the words "This is the industry, you do a good job, build a reputation and hope to get referrals or repeat business. I always make sure I do a VERY good job and that's how I get referrals or repeat clients. I've met so many other confinement nannies on the bus back from Singapore and many of them are just like myself, without referrals we might not have enough jobs lined up."

As her son waved her goodbye, a lightbulb popped into his head. 

There are many experienced nannies like his mom are not reached out to consistently enough. On the other hand, most of the mothers-to-be struggle to find an experienced and reliable nanny. For decades, mothers-to-be rely on word-of-mouth referrals or agency to hire a confinement lady without knowing if the nanny is experienced or newly trained up. 

He then said, he's going to set up one "point" for all the experienced and highly sought after nannies to gather. As a result, mothers-to-be will no longer have to rely on unknown sources or hiring a newly trained nanny unknowingly.

That was 7 years ago.

Today, the mother has over 30 years of experience working as a confinement lady and over 10 years in Singapore, even went as far as Australia and UK. After many attempts at convincing the mother to provide her invaluable experience, guidance and insights, Me Nanny was born.


Her son, our founder, Calvin Chan, has the ambition and vision to connect every mother in Singapore with a trustworthy and experienced confinement lady in Malaysia. 

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