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Reviews for Aunty Annie (080).

Christine, Singapore.



Just finish confinement with auntie. She's a good chef and definitely took care of my baby well and my baby had grown much weight after discharge from hospital. She got along well with my in laws and is always awake to attend to omy baby's need whether he needs a hug or milk or just can't sleep. She also mops the floor after every meal and sweep the floor in the whole house everyday. Will deinitely miss her cooking and talking to her too. All the best and thanks!

Mr Tan, Singapore.



兰姐 was not the original nanny we had chosen as baby arrived earlier than expected. Indeed, as recommended by agency to be a very experienced nanny, 兰姐 took great care of me and my baby, and she was always reminding me to rest as much as possible. Confinement food was good due to her great culinary skills. Overall, she had been a great help and we have certainly picked up some skills from her over the confinement period.

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